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The girl in the window September 28, 2009

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My reflection is consistently thinner than I expect her to be which is a pleasant surprise each & every time.

I am almost 12 stone something. I am 3 pounds away from being lighter than my husband. I was once, for one day 8 years ago, lighter than M. I am wearing a 16 top & 34″ gents jeans & they look well 🙂 My BMI is 27.8 (it was 38.8 when I got pregnant). I have 22.5 pounds to go to my WW goal. I know 22.5lbs is still quite a big number but it is SO much smaller than the 80lbs I started out with.

I remembered the other day that I took photos of myself in DC & the D took a photo of me on Wednesday.

I look back on old photos and don’t remember being that big. I look at new photos & don’t remember that I’m this size.


I did it September 17, 2009

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Last week when I stood on the scales a message appeared on the display

“The member has gained more than 5lbs since their last weigh in”

This week when I stood up it flashed

“The member has lost more than 7lbs since their last weigh in”

Then it flashed


which indicated that I had tipped over another stone of weight loss. Then the actual screen showed up which said that I had lost 8lbs so all of last weeks 6lbs & another 2lbs for good measure. I have now lost 4st1lb (57lbs) in exactly 7 months! I have 23lbs to go to my goal weight & there are 14 weeks til Christmas… watch this space 🙂

What Lies Beneath September 16, 2009

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As I continue to lose weight I find things that are either hiding within my body, under the fat, or caused by the fat but evident by it’s absence.

I have a varicose vein on the inside of my left knee that I was aware of but didn’t bother me because it was encased in fat. Now I know it is there & can feel my clothes rubbing on it 😦

My skin is getting loose. I can see it “crumple” as it overlies my shrinking frame. I dread how it will look when I lose the remaining 30lbs.

I am really looking forward to my WI tomorrow morning. My PIL’s are taking D for a while so I can stay for the class (WW is a little boring for your average 4 year old). I really like the fact that I gained weight while I was away, I went to my WI last week & got myself back on track. It would have been so easy to skip last week, not get the kick in the ass I needed & “try” to get back on track ending up at tomorrows WI “only” 2lbs or so up.

Better Out Than In September 16, 2009

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Those of you with the password may have realised that it doesn’t work on the post I made the other night. Sometimes I use the password to ensure that “any man on the net” can’t read it. Other times, rarely, I post something that is simply not for public consumption but if I didn’t write it down it will rot my insides & drive me insane.

All gone September 14, 2009

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I have been doing a super strict 18 point week since Friday and am delighted with the results. As of this morning the 2.5kg that I was up before I went to WW on Thursday is gone. As is another 600g! (Please forgive the confusion. A long time ago I switched to kg at home – I didn’t like seeing 2xx lbs, seeing 1xx kg was much easier – and so I weigh in kg at home and in lbs at WW).

I hope that on Thursday when I go to WW that I will have lost the 6lbs and finger crossed another one which will bring me to 4 stone even! Obviously I wouldn’t mind a pound or 2 more.

This weekend my mother & sister were in Monza at the Fo.rmula One race and my two other sisters were busy with work and I can’t begin to explain how lonely I was without being able to talk to any of them. Things have eased up for my sisters and my mother & sister come home later today.

Saturday was my brothers birthday and I also found out that he has been accepted to do a PhD which I am delighted about. It is wonderful to see him looking forward to something.

Protected: I don’t believe it is because he loves me more September 13, 2009

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6 pounds September 12, 2009

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I arrived home on Wednesday morning after a FANTASTIC trip with cankles and a gut full of food. I ate what I wanted, which was of course limited by the dairy thing, and loved every mouthful of it. I had tons of kettle corn, made fresh in the market last Saturday, and it was divine! We are trying to come up with a plan to get kettle corn to me by USPS as quickly as possible 🙂

My weigh in is Thursday morning, the morning after I came home, and needless to say I had gained weight in the week. 6 pounds! I am sure at least half of it was in my gut and my ankles and the rest of it I thoroughly enjoyed.

I started an 18 point week on Friday morning and am about 3/4lb heavier than I was before I went away. I am hopeful of shifting the whole 6lbs before I go back on Thursday.

Now back to the trip. I had such a wonderful time and J was such a wonderful travel companion. We shared a room with Calliope and W for the first two nights and boy are they great room mates! It was so nice to have someone to talk to in the late nights and early mornings of parenting small babies.

On our first full day we had the honour of attending Kate & Trish’s wedding along with Calliope & Sophia & Mikey. It was a wonderful day, perfect weather and a beautiful demonstration of 2 people declaring their love for each other and celebrating the right to have that love & committment protected by law. I was a blubbering wreck by the time Kate’s brother declared them married. We celebrated with them for the evening and then took the babies home to bed.

Sunday did not go as planned. Calliope got a call from her Mom to say that her Grandmother was in The Decline. It was time for her to go home, to cut short her first time away from home in 14 months. Calls were made, car seats were moved and Calliope was driven to the airport 90 minutes away.

Our other 2 nights were spent in Kate’s mom’s guest suite which was wonderful. We went shopping in craft and fabric stores 🙂 Monday afternooon was spent in Field of Dreams which was great.

Tuesday was packing & shopping (and a lovely burger at Hamburger Mary’s) and off to the airport. 2 of the air stewards on the way back had been on the outbound flight & were so attentive to us. They even let us sleep in the crew sleepers 🙂 We arrived in Dublin on Wednesday morning expecting my mother to collect us & there was M & D! I was stunned & delighted 🙂

Just like when I got back from DC in the Spring, I miss my friends.

The difference 55lbs makes September 5, 2009

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J & I boarded our flight first yesterday morning & took our seat. As I reached down beside my hip to get the seat belt out I realised that there was room between me and the arm of the chair! In the Spring, on the way to DC, when I moved I brought the arm of the chair with me. The journey was so different!

J did a fantastic job of being baby cuteness personified during the flights and we were blessed with a wonderful travel companion on our transatlantic flight (a retired paediatric nurse with 4 children and 4 grandchildren) who was more than happy to hold him while I used the bathroom or went for water.

After the experience of Immigration in Dulles in February I was a little worried about the same happening in O’Hare and as I only had 2 hours between my flights I was afraid I would miss my connecting flight. I was first in line at Immigration and was through in 5 minutes! It took longer to get my bags off the carosel than to clear Immigration!