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All gone September 14, 2009

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I have been doing a super strict 18 point week since Friday and am delighted with the results. As of this morning the 2.5kg that I was up before I went to WW on Thursday is gone. As is another 600g! (Please forgive the confusion. A long time ago I switched to kg at home – I didn’t like seeing 2xx lbs, seeing 1xx kg was much easier – and so I weigh in kg at home and in lbs at WW).

I hope that on Thursday when I go to WW that I will have lost the 6lbs and finger crossed another one which will bring me to 4 stone even! Obviously I wouldn’t mind a pound or 2 more.

This weekend my mother & sister were in Monza at the Fo.rmula One race and my two other sisters were busy with work and I can’t begin to explain how lonely I was without being able to talk to any of them. Things have eased up for my sisters and my mother & sister come home later today.

Saturday was my brothers birthday and I also found out that he has been accepted to do a PhD which I am delighted about. It is wonderful to see him looking forward to something.



1. Ruth - September 16, 2009

That’s fantastic, well done!! I am so impressed with your success although I have to admit it makes me very envious

Keep up the good work!

2. Laura - September 16, 2009

Ruth… thanks šŸ™‚ I have done this journey (never this far) many times. I have envied many others while on the other side. Your time will come šŸ™‚

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