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What Lies Beneath September 16, 2009

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

As I continue to lose weight I find things that are either hiding within my body, under the fat, or caused by the fat but evident by it’s absence.

I have a varicose vein on the inside of my left knee that I was aware of but didn’t bother me because it was encased in fat. Now I know it is there & can feel my clothes rubbing on it 😦

My skin is getting loose. I can see it “crumple” as it overlies my shrinking frame. I dread how it will look when I lose the remaining 30lbs.

I am really looking forward to my WI tomorrow morning. My PIL’s are taking D for a while so I can stay for the class (WW is a little boring for your average 4 year old). I really like the fact that I gained weight while I was away, I went to my WI last week & got myself back on track. It would have been so easy to skip last week, not get the kick in the ass I needed & “try” to get back on track ending up at tomorrows WI “only” 2lbs or so up.



1. Lorna - September 17, 2009

Enjoy the meeting!

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