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I did it September 17, 2009

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Last week when I stood on the scales a message appeared on the display

“The member has gained more than 5lbs since their last weigh in”

This week when I stood up it flashed

“The member has lost more than 7lbs since their last weigh in”

Then it flashed


which indicated that I had tipped over another stone of weight loss. Then the actual screen showed up which said that I had lost 8lbs so all of last weeks 6lbs & another 2lbs for good measure. I have now lost 4st1lb (57lbs) in exactly 7 months! I have 23lbs to go to my goal weight & there are 14 weeks til Christmas… watch this space 🙂



1. Calliope - September 17, 2009

shut UP!!!
go you!!!!!!!!!!!
so proud / impressed / excited for you!

2. Ruth - October 8, 2009

Laura, sounds impressive……….. very impressive! Can I ask what you’re doing to lose so much weight in so little time? I need some divine intervention, have hit a plateau…

Laura - October 8, 2009

It is an average of just under 2lbs a week which is the “recommended” healthy weight loss. I am dairy free and have been for 17 months now. While it doesn’t appear to be significant it means I can’t have cream, butter, milk, cheese, ice cream or yogurt. This cuts down choices hugely. There is no pizza in my life (I don’t particularly miss it, I never really liked it), no ice cream, cream cakes, most deserts, all cream based sauces and SO many other things that you wouldn’t think of having dairy in them. When they are no longer on the menu it is not a case of having to moderate the intake of something (ie cheese) anymore. It is just gone!

I am also breastfeeding, day and night. So I burn calories all night long. I have stopped eating after 8pm (I did that at the start of August) so when I make milk it is all coming from me, rather than from calories that I took in before I went to bed.

I have also hit a plateau. A mental one. I am still losing weight but only because I am still nursing. This week I have the community tracker from WW so I want to be on my best behaviour for it. I desire and thrive on other peoples approval so I want there to be a great outcome at the end of the week tracking.

3. Ruth - October 11, 2009

I think you’ve got lots of approval, and agree- yes it does make success all that much more central to you.

The dairy-free seems like a big step to take, I’m sure I could try it but I’m the type that needs to stick rigidly or not at all- one gap in the routine and I’m back to square one. But I’ll give it a try. I always find when I cut out things (like wheat and gluten, as I’m supposed to) I need to tell people, so they’re conscious that I’m not being ‘picky’, I just can’t eat certain things.

The community tracker seems like a very good idea, I saw your previous post on it. Having other people look at and scrutinise my diet would definately make me think twice about my food choices.

I have the ‘Walk with me’ game for the Nintendo DS, it monitors my steps each day and gives different goals for each day. So far its going good; coupled with my accupuncture sessions for fertility I’ve lost 4 lbs this week.
Long may it continue!!

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