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Housekeeping October 7, 2009

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Yesterday M & I moved some couches and a bed from our house to my PIL’s house leaving lots of space in our house. YAY! There is a lot of sorting to be done here but there was no room to sort anything. Now there is šŸ™‚

The first bit of sorting involved moving the filing cabinet from the room that should have been D’s into the spare room. It is ultimately going into the study downstairs where it will live under the printer. As soon as I told D that we were going to move the filing cabinet he said “Then I can sleep in my bed. Can I sleep in it tonight?” I told him that he could as that is why I was moving the filing cabinet. So, he is up there under his Spide.rman bedding, cuddling Dolly, with his own lamp and his own white noise. He is delighted with himself. He and M had a lovely long chat at bedtime about what he could do with his room. He decided there should be a sign on the door reading:

D’s Room
Keep Out
Except Dadda
This is D.C.

I have assured him that he doesn’t have to let J into his room if he doesn’t want to. That he will have his own stuff in his own room. I told him I will empty the wardrobe so that he can store his toys there. He has drawers for his clothes (which we will move in tomorrow) & a box for his costumes. He has been told that if he wakes in the night and is lonely he can come into either M or I for a cuddle. Here’s to his first night in his own room.

Today was a beautiful day. Before I knew it was a beautiful day I had a laundry schedule which meant I should wash the white towels this morning so I washed the white towels. They went out onto the washing line and put on a dark load figuring that if the weather turned the dark load would be the one to dry inside. They went out onto the washing line and put on another dark load figuring that if the weather turned it would be the one to dry inside. And they went out onto the line too. I put my new Girasol wrap on to wash & it made it out onto the washing line too. As I aired the last of them this evening I thought of Caz as I now I have 7 loads of washing to fold & sort but there is only one load of washing waiting to be done and I will take 7 to sort/1 to wash over 1 to sort/7 to wash. D helped me to fold the quilt cover today which was a lovely cute experience (which we get to repeat tomorrow LOL).

Late in the afternoon J headed off to investigate and I heard him patting the bottom step. He has, in the last few days, learned to pull to stand at low objects and how to get into high kneeling to play. He learned this at the bottom step so I wasn’t overly concerned. When I heard the distress call I headed out to help him out of high kneeling only to discover him kneeling on the bottom step, patting the second step. WOAH!!! Wait. Where is my baby gone?

J gained 5lbs1oz in the first 8 months of his life. Then he had his posterior tongue tie released. In the 2.5 months since the release he has gained 4lbs3.5oz! He is positively chubby šŸ™‚ He has taken a liking to toast. Yesterday morning I gave him rice cake which he ate. Then I made D some toast & offered J more rice cake. He handed it back to me and then he grunted towards the toast, which he went on to eat in its entirity.

Tomorrow is my WW WI. I am almost entirely relying on breastfeeding to lose weight at the moment. It is not a pattern that can continue. I need to get out of this funk. My sister was given a “community tracker” in WW last week (cause she is in a funk too). It is given to a different member each week and they track (the good and the bad) and pass it on. There is a record made of the loss (or gain) in that week. It lets members see what worked for others (and what didn’t) and it also gives people ideas. I am going to ask my leader in the morning if she has a community tracker and if she doesn’t suggest she starts one, with me being the first week. I think it will kick me up the ass, at least for a week. My sister lost 3.5lbs with her CT last week.



1. Derval - October 10, 2009

I did my classes community tracker last week. It *really* helped keep me on the ball & I lost 1.5 lbs (only 1 lb to goal now). I even typed up a recipe I had made & printed up some nice motivational saying from sparkpeople.com
But then nobody took it for this week which dissapointed me slightly. ho hum.

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