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The landscape of my life October 19, 2009

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I have started so many posts in my head recently and not gotten them down in print. J is pulling to stand at everything now so I am babyproofing on the hoof. Today my couch was cleared off because he figured out yesterday that he can pull up at it. Oh this part of normal development is not my favourite!

He is eating for the Nation and teething as though his life were dependent on it. He still has no teeth but has tipped over 19lbs which means he put on 5lbs in the first 8 months of his life and 5lbs in the next 3!

I am busy sewing Christmas decorations for the fair that my mother & I are doing next month and was delighted to find today that I have way more finished than I thought I had.

I have now lost 4st 7lbs and am a stones throw away from my first big goal, a BMI of 25. 11lbs more will have me there 🙂 11lbs is such a small amount, it feels so near.

I put on a tshirt last week and knew straight away, before I even pulled it down, that it was an 18 and I knew that I wouldn’t be wearing it again.



1. Ruth - October 20, 2009

Great to hear you sound so positive! Look forward to catching up @ the fair 🙂

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