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He is 1 November 24, 2009

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Well, he is 🙂


Mojo November 10, 2009

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Two aquaintances seem to have flicked the switch in my brain that I have been trying to flick for maybe 6 weeks. I have been floundering like a not so big any more flounder fish trying to get myself back on track and failing each and every week. I would start Friday morning with the greatest of intentions and would let ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING derail me. I was secret eating, I was eating the whole pack of something and putting the wrapping straight into the bin.

Last Sunday night one made me realise that there are only 7 weeks left until Christmas which I had as my initial end goal and I thought OH SHIT! I’m not going to make it. I got up on Monday morning and I was back on track. I stuck to my points (other than my apple tart in Belvedere) and finished the “week” on Thursday morning 1lbs down at my WW WI.

On Thursday another pointed out that at 1lb a week I would be at my goal in 15 weeks & my straight away thought was NO FREAKING WAY. I am not spending that long getting to my goal! I want to have my gold card in my hand on my 35th birthday. To do that I have to hit my goal weight on January 7th.

After my day off on Thursday I woke yesterday morning more in the zone of getting to my goal than I have been in a LONG TIME. I ate 19 of my 21 points yesterday and didn’t feel hungry (other than when I was ready for my dinner), nor did I feel like I had gone without. Today I had 19 again and not only did I not feel like I had gone without I also felt no need or compulsion to eat the Cuisine de France Parisien that was sitting on the counter waiting for M to eat after work. It wasn’t that I didn’t eat the whole pack of Pink & Whites, I didn’t feel the need to buy them in the first place!

I have solved the problem of not being able to exercise (J learned how to get out of sitting so he couldn’t just sit & watch me showering any more and then he learned to climb out of his bouncy chair so I felt I had to wait until M came home from work to shower which was not condusive to exercise) by rearranging my bedroom so J can stand in his cot & watch me shower. So now that I am back on track with my points I need to restart exercising but I have to be realistic that I need to get the fair over with this weekend and then I will concentrate on exercising.

Protected: To the woman in the Cathedral Car Park November 5, 2009

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