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So long has passed December 8, 2009

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*cross post with the ifeltlikeit blog*

I feel like all I do is sew but it is not a bad feeling. I am loving the experience and am dragging along my relunctant inner creative self. I still struggle with ideas but all I need to do is see something that someone else made and I am off and running. I have so many new ideas in my head right now but I have to get my orders finished before I can start playing.

I am trying to build up a range of things that can sell throughout the year rather than just at Christmas because while Christmas is only 2 weeks away for me, as a crafter, it is 10 months away.

The ideas I have at the moment are:

Small toy tidy (wall hanging)
Colouring pencil/marker/scissors tidy (wall hanging)
Name banner (wall hanging horizontal & vertical)
Happy Birthday banner (horizontal wall hanging)
Chore/Treat wall hanging

Advent calendar
Happy Christmas banner

My new felt arrived today so I can start filling my orders and then get on with the R&D stuff 🙂

I have lost 5st now and for the last week I have been eating everything in sight! I am expecting to be up on Thursday and I completely deserve it! I am 12.5 stone and while I am happy with the weight that I am, I am not happy to stop here.



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