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A line drawn under it December 27, 2009

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My eating on the run up to Christmas was increasingly chaotic. I was eating anything I could get my hands on and one night, while staying in my sisters house, ate a whole pack of biscuits. Not good. I am never going to get to my goal weight if I continue to do that. On Christmas Eve I made date bars which are yummy but LOADED in calories. I finished them on Christmas night and then I drew a line under the eating.

Yesterday morning I got up and started the day as I meant to go on. I ate lots of veg & fruit. I had porridge for breakfast. I didn’t graze all day long. The only thing I didn’t do was drink water but I am on that today 🙂

On Christmas Day when I was preparing the veg for the dinner I prepared all of the veg that I had bought and put them in the fridge in zip lock bags so yesterday evening when it was time to sort out something for tea I used the left over chicken and the prepped veg and made a stir fry. It was lovely and filling without being high in points.

I have 8 weeks to lose 12lbs which is perfectly doable but I have to set my mind to it.



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