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Come FLY with me January 11, 2010

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Yesterday I found out about http://www.flylady.net My sink has been clean & empty ever since. I hate coming down in the morning to a kitchen full of dishes, I spend the day trying to catch up with myself & the next day starts the same way. Last night I realised that if the dishwasher goes on after dinner, it can be opened when M is making tea & I can empty it when I am getting ready for bed. It takes 5 minutes but WOW do I feel great knowing that there are NO dirty dishes in my sink. What I dislike more is when dishes are “left to steep” which is another way of saying “I got bored doing the dishes so I stopped”… wash the porridge off straight away & it doesn’t have to be steeped & scrubbed off.

So, tonight I got up, emptied the dishwasher, put in the outstanding dishes, brushed my teeth, lifted D, toileted, got into my PJ’s & put on a load of washing. When I came into the sitting room M asked if I had done the dishwasher. When I told him that I had he yet again told me that he would have done it in the morning. I told him, again, that I don’t like coming down to dishes needing to be done & that emptying the dishwasher makes me feel better & I am not asking him to do something to make me feel better, I am happy to do it myself.

Yesterday after the sink was cleaned, dishwasher was run, emptied & filled, I realised that the counter looked really bad beside the clean sink so I cleaned it. Then I realised that I had enough time to clean one side of the hob (while something else was happening & D was crafting) so I did. Only one side of my hob is clean right now but that is one more side than was clean yesterday morning.

This morning I got up, got dressed (to my slippers, no shoes inside the house) and got started on the kitchen again. I set the timer for 5 minutes & cleaned the microwave. Nothing like a timer to focus the mind. A few weeks ago M asked me to clean out his coffee machine (that he hasn’t used in years) and I told him I would, but I haven’t, so this morning I took it apart, cleaned it down, ran water through it twice & dried it up. While it was running through I cleared off the corner it had been living in & scrubbed the counter.

I dumped anything that belongs in the bin, recycled anything that can be recycled and made a bundle for the charity shop. I have too much stuff, much of it I don’t use/don’t need so it is time to give it back/away. I don’t need it in my house any more.

I feel like I have the potential to get this house in order. Not today or tomorrow, or with any help but I will get it sorted.



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