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I am in love with FLYing January 12, 2010

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I got up this morning and the kitchen, while not clean, didn’t have all of yesterdays dishes waiting for me and it felt so nice. In fact because the dishwasher didn’t have to be done, thereby occupying all of M’s time, he decided to sort out the boys toy box in the dining room and even went to get a more permanent box than the broken cardboard one that we had been using.

He put something into the sink just after I had cleaned it and made a mess leaving water all over the place. I looked at it and he asked if he had made a mess. As I wiped it up (this is my project, not his) he commented that I didn’t used to care and that I would have just left it there. I replied that I used to be fat too but look what happened to that.

I can set my mind to something & do it. I am a capable and willing adult. There are things out there that I need to do so that I can feel better about, well, everything and if one of them is some house work then that is what has to be done. The fact that we want to sell this house but can’t because it is in CHAOS is enough push for me to get on and do something about it.

This is the last year of this decade and I don’t want to get to the end of it saying that I wish I had gotten something done this year. Last year I lost 70lbs. This year I am going to lose another 15 (maybe 20) and I am going to get control over my house.

I got an email from the flylady just before lunch and in it I was instructed to stand with my back to the front door and see what was the first hot spot (crap accumulating point) that I could see. I knew before I got there that it was my stairs. Post, clothes, junk, stuff, crap etc gets put there and never moved on. The email said “set the timer for 5 minutes and work on the hot spot”. Knowing it would probably take twice that (but I was willing to spend 10 minutes as in 30 minutes the cleaner was going to vacuum the stairs) I took EVERYTHING off the stairs and put it on the living room floor. I sorted into bin, filing, recycling, shredding and other. The “other” stuff I put back where it belongs and the other bundles went to their final resting places. Every time I went through the kitchen I thought “I will start making the lunch” but I stopped myself every.single.time. because that is what I do. I start a job, get side tracked and not only does the job not get done but the debris that is made by me starting the job just adds to the rest of the debris and detritus that is in this house. I finished the stairs. It took 12 minutes. It was done with plenty of time to spare for the cleaner, who for the first time in a long time, was able to vacuum the whole stairs & it looks so nice.

I had been “meaning to do it” for a long time as time out on the step was pointless when there was all sorts of stuff there to mess with. Now there is nothing to mess with.

The boys are asleep, the dishwasher is half filled, the sink & counters are clear and it is time to rest for the evening.



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