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I am worn out but happy January 13, 2010

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As a disclaimer I will say that J was awake from a little after 2 until some time after 4 last night. He is growing teeth and I know all about it!

My sink is still clean and empty. The dishwasher is going on 3 times in 2 days and nothing sits around longer than about 2 hours waiting to be put in the dishwasher and it only sits around because the dishwasher is full & on already.

Today I set myself a challenge. Every time I opened a food cupboard door I had to throw something out. Something that was out of date or was simply never going to be eaten (ie hot chocolate that was bought it good faith but has milk in it and will never be consumed). I now have 10, count them 10, glass jars on my drainer waiting to be taken to the bottle bank and at least another 10 things in the bin (gravy, beans, the aforementioned hot chocolate etc) and I am seeing space in the cupboards! There is lots more to be done and when I am finished chucking I will take out what is in there and clean the cupboards themselves but right now I don’t have the time to empty, sort, dump/wash out, clean and tidy up so the one at a time approach will have to suffice.

Laundry is moving along nicely and there is nothing sitting around in baskets. There are more cloths in the kitchen drawers than I knew I owned & our clothes are in the wardrobes rather than unfolded in the dining room. Heck, tonight I folded the clothes out of the tumble dryer!

Tonight I listened when the voices spoke and I suffered for it. I thought about emptying the dishwasher while the dinner was cooking and decided to leave it. I didn’t think to do it when I came down from putting D to bed so when I got ready for bed myself (I get ready for bed when M is heading to bed and then I sit here for up to 2 hours in my PJ’s šŸ™‚ ) the dishwasher still needed to be emptied. There was no way I was leaving it until the morning so I got and did it and it is done now.

Tonight I shined my sink for the first time. It has been clean for 3 days but tonight it is clean, dry and shiny šŸ™‚

Something I realised today is that because I have the sink clean and empty the whole time D can play in the sink without me having to empty the dishwasher, fill it and clean the sink so that he can play for 10 minutes. Something so simple makes a little boy so happy.

I will take a photo tomorrow but today I made myself a menu planner/shopping list on a silver board AND I put it up on the kitchen door!

I have my first post Christmas WW WI in the morning – watch this space.



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