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I am not exactly overwhelmed January 15, 2010

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but I am certainly feeling a little whelmed!

Today I went grocery shopping and I only bought what was on the list. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no multibuys on my receipt! I did not buy one thing because it was “on special”. When I got home I continued my “one thing out for one thing in” as I put away my groceries. I ended up with a full bin, an extra bin bag and 8 more jars on the kitchen counter.

At lunch I told a friend about the glass jars waiting to go to the bottle bank. She told me she would take any of them that have lids. I have lids for them all so she is taking them all!! Whoot!

Now, back to the feeling of being whelmed. I am starting to get the kitchen to bend to my will but earlier I stepped into my spare bedroom (which is the central depository of shite) and thought “Oh fuck, this house is in a bad way!” The house feels so big now. I feel like there is so much ordinary every day stuff to do that I don’t have time to get into extra work. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not an overnight thing. It is not a this week or next week solution. It could take months but it is time that no one else is going to put into getting this house sorted.

Now is the time to start to accept the idea that I don’t have to keep everything that we own. Some of it belongs in the bin, some belongs to other people and therefore should be returned and some deserves a chance to be loved my someone else so it is time to give it away.

My bedtime routine now is:
Toilet D
Move the dishwasher on (empty if necessary, load dirty dishes)
Move the laundry on (hang out/fold/air/put on a wash, as necessary)
Fill water bottle for the morning (it is easier to drink it if it is already poured)
Shorten the straps on the Tri.pp Tra.pp harness (J likes to kneel up in the chair and lengthens the straps in the process which gets to the point where he can almost stand in the chair which is not good for my blood pressure 🙂 )
Brush teeth
Shine sink



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