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Where did all of the dishes come from? January 16, 2010

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I never had enough side plates. Ever. I felt like I was constantly fighting with the side plate monster who was using the side plates before I could get them. There was even the odd day that I would run out of dinner plates and there were never enough bowls.

Now, if I were to buy two more side plates I wouldn’t have anywhere to put them. The only reason I could deal with one new plate is because I chipped the edge of one the other day and rather than doing the “usual” I put it straight in the bin. I hate broken/chipped plates/bowls yet we were using them for a long time. Right now I have probably got two too many bowls.

I went to IKEA today and while I saw lots of lovely stuff, I felt no urge to buy any of it. Mainly because I am not sure where I would put it. I want to finish dumping what I have and don’t use before I add more stuff into the mix. I did buy 4 new hand towels because I want to experiment with changing the hand towels in the bathroom more often. I need to see what effect it has on the laundry. My laundry is under control (there are 2 outstanding loads, which is way better than the 7 that there was this day last week) without using the tumble dryer to dry back to back loads. My stairs remain clear.

Most importantly I feel positive about “finishing” my kitchen & working on the rest of my house.

My sink is clean & empty for the 7th night in a row. It is also shiny 🙂



1. Caz - January 17, 2010

you have inspired me. i have pressed ignore on the flylady emails, oooops, but am on day 3 of moving the dishes on before bed. we have sophie in her new room, michael in his new room and us in our new room. there are now small piles of stuff in each room instead of one room full of shite.

was in ikea yesterday too. i lost sophie there. it terrified me. she was gone for about 5 mins maybe. if you head a lady screaming like mad it was prob me.

looking forward to reading how you’re getting on.

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