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I Blame George Hook January 19, 2010

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Last year I saw and interview with George Hook in which he told the story of how he is solely responsible for the dishwasher in his home and that he does it because he made a deal with his wife many years ago that he would always do it. Stupidly I thought M would have registered that information and thought that would be a nice thing to do in this house. So I got (interally) cross for not holding up his site of the (non existant) agreement. I detest dishes lying around. I hate scrubbing porridge off last nights bed possidge bowl. I can’t stand filling the dishwasher and having more dishes than it can take. But you know what? It is not his fault. Well, not solely his fault. I am to blame too. I made an assumption and then got unjustifiably cross. Now I do the dishwasher all the time and I am perfectly happy because I am never expecting someone else to do it and I always know whether it is clean or dirty.

So much in this house revolves around the dishwasher. I am more on top of the laundry when I am on top of the dishes 🙂 D can play in the sink now because it doesn’t have to be cleaned out for him to play. He is free to play with Play D.oh because I don’t have to clear dishes off the table in order for there to be space for him.

Another thing that I am dealing with is the “walk away”. Standing up from the table and walking away from dishes. Making toast and walking away from the tub of Pure. Yesterday I accepted that saying “Please put the Pure away” in my head was never going to get the message across. This morning I said it out loud. I hope it works.

My sink has now been clean and empty for 10 days. My stairs are still clear since I cleared them off last Tuesday. Right now I have 3 outstanding loads of laundry, but the beds were stripped this morning which generates 2 – 3 loads in the blink of an eye. The only time the dishwasher doesn’t have unwashed dishes in it is when they are being washed. It is emptied as soon as it is finished. I am gradually clearing out my cupboards and counters. My 2 to do’s this week are the 3rd counter in the kitchen and the counters in the utility. I will attack them 15 minutes at a time.



1. KC - January 19, 2010

I really need to clear my counters too, so much fiddly bits of crap that just needs to be thrown out! I will try after getting inspiration from these posts!

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