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I forgot to shine & nearly got scammed January 20, 2010

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Last night I forgot to shine my sink. I didn’t realise until this morning and I was so disappointed with myself. Everything else was done but not the sink. It was clean & empty, but not shiny.

This morning I checked Face.book and there was a text chat from my friend Calliope that went like this:

My Friend: Hi,how are you?

Laura: good morn ing
I am good, you are up late/early

My Friend: Not too good at the moment..
Presently in deep mess and need urgent help

Laura: what mess?
what help is needed?

My Friend: We stranded in London
Got mugged at gun point last night

Laura: how come?
oh holy fuck

My Friend: all cash,credit card and phone were stoeln

Laura: I didn’t know you were in London

At this point I was pissed with Calliope for not telling me that she was going to London

My Friend: Thank God we still have our lives and passports

Laura: why are you in London?
do you have plane tickets?

My Friend: Vacation
Return flight leaves in few hours but having troubles sorting out the hotel bills

Laura: how much is it?

My Friend: $900

By now I was very suspicious as Calliope will tell you herself that she doesn’t have $900 to spend on a hotel. The hotel room we shared in Iowa cost us less than $100 between us!

Laura: that was a flying visit, you should have told me you were coming
do you have the money at home to pay it?

My Friend: Yes but they won’t give me IUO…

Laura: will they let me pay the bill over the phone?

My Friend: Need you to loan me some few $$ to pay off the hotel bills and also get a cab to the airport
They won’t be able to charge your card because the card machine need to be fixed up

Eh… I don’t believe you

Are you there???

Laura: yes
J wanted me
how can they be paid if their CC machine isn’t working?

My Friend: Can you have the money wire to my name via western union?


Laura: we don’t have a WU in town (I live in a small town)

We do but at this point I am getting out of it

My Friend: Check:-westernunion.com/locator for western union store
Let me know as soon as you find one

Laura: I can’t go out… my handiman is due in 4 minutes to hang shelves

He was actually due in 4 minutes although he ended up being 10 minutes late, but that is not the point

the only way I could do it is to pay the hotel directly

My Friend: Can you try and see if you can do it online via western union
Let me know as soon as you on the site

I don’t think so.

Laura: checking it out now
how long have you been in London?

My Friend: few weeks

Calliope has been helping out N & J in the US and definitely wasn’t in London

Laura: what are my childrens names?

My Friend: You verifying me?

Laura: yes

My Friend: If i wasn’t the one i wont have ask you to wire $$ to my name as we both know i will need some kinda of identification before i have the $$ pick up

Laura: true but I know where you were a few days ago and it wasn’t London

My Friend: I’m dead serious
wish it was all joke
Are you there???

Laura: I am and I can’t help



1. bionicbrooklynite - January 21, 2010

whoa! i’ve never ever heard of chat-scamming (though i don’t chat on FB)

…but i am also enjoying the idea of calliope’s secret double-life!

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