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I thought I didn’t have the time January 23, 2010

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Any time, in the past, that I considered attacking somewhere in my house I declared it to be impossible because I didn’t have the time when the boys were around. Today I set the timer for 5 minutes while the boys were playing on the floor and got to work on my kitchen dresser. While I was doing it I realised that children are natures timer. I am predisposed to only having max 15 minutes to work on a job.

I reset the timer after 5 minutes but by the time it ran out there was a war to resolve or a child to feed but there was 10 minutes work done that wouldn’t have been done if I had obeyed the “I don’t have time when the boys are around” rule.

I have been told recently, in comments & elsewhere, that I am inspiring people. That there are dishwashers out there being run in a more timely fashion than they were before. That there are counters out there that are clearer than they were. I have been told that people think of me when they pass their dishwasher (not sure that’s a good thing).

Today I cleared my 3rd counter (there is one counter to the left of my cooker, one between my cooker & my sink & one to the right of my sink) today. It hasn’t been cleared since just after my 2nd miscarriage amost 3 years ago. It has taken me almost 2 weeks to reclaim the counters & in that time I have maintained the work that I have done & done more. I wish I had taken before photos. Seeing the counters makes me think of N



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