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The statistics are in January 24, 2010

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J’s Godmother & her boyfriend came for dinner today. We had:

Leek & Potato soup with home made bread
Roast beef with roasted parsnip, broccoli, potato and onion gravy
Wacky cake (made by the guests)

I also had a fruit salad of galia melon, blueberries, cherries & strawberries which I am merrily chomping away on right now 🙂

So. We had 4 adults and 2 children for dinner. I used 9 bowls, 17 plates, 4 pyrex dishes, 5 mugs, a roasting tray & rack, a glass oven proof dish, a chopping board, 2 layers of the steamer, a jug and countless utensils & items of cutlery. The dishwasher was run three times & now has the few dishes from the boys bed porridge in it. The counters are cleared down. The table is clear. The kitchen looks like it has done at the end of every other day for the past two weeks.

I survived guests & I am delighted.

Tomorrow I will make more dough & cook the last of yesterdays batch. I will cut tomorrows bread with the electric carving knife. Tonight I will order to books so that I can have more bread recipes at my finger tips 🙂



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