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Unmitigated Shite February 3, 2010

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

Todays decluttering was the sitting room shelf. The contents went into the laundry basket and the basket was FULL. Heck, it was overflowing. Two thirds of the shelf/basket is now in the bin/recycling/shredder. There was a broken comb, a marker with no lid, a baby cardigan that I started knitting 2.5 years ago, an unfinished box of chocolate, several empty chocolate wrappers and easily 2 dozen Christmas/Birthday cards. There is still one quarter of the laundry basket to get through but there was no time to finish it earlier. I spent 15 minutes detangling 6 part balls of yarn! The shelf is clear & will remain that way until the basket is empty. To be honest there is nothing in the basket that I can imagine putting back on the shelf 🙂

I am empowered by ability to dump stuff. I am sickened by the crap that we have hung onto over the years. Why on earth did we still have a broken comb in the house?

I have decided that starting on Friday I am having a strict eating week. Not just being strict about how much food I am eating but planning in advance what I am going to eat. I am writing it all down now.



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