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The latest dirty word February 10, 2010

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I am both horrified and relieved. Horrified by what we have held onto over the years, relieved to be getting rid of it.

Today I dumped several dry markers, an empty ink bottle, a wasted Cross biro refill, empty chocolate wrappers amongst many other things.

It is so satisfying to look up to the shelves and see that they are not piled high. Everything is one layer high!

I haven’t done 15 minutes a day and it has taken me a week to do those shelves but they are done now. Next step is the stuff that has been stored on top of the shelves.

I don’t have a plan for the rest of the week/month but I am confident that my house will look better at the end of February than it did at the start.

Something I find interesting is that 2 weeks ago I started clearing off the shelves in the kitchen but I didn’t clear the shelf, I tried to work within the shelf itself, moving stuff around. This didn’t work. I did take stuff off the shelf but it is as bad now as it was before I started. So now I need to empty the shelf into the laundry basket and start to rebuilt a new shelf.



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