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Guess work is not good February 11, 2010

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This evening we had chipper for dinner. On my way ome from collecting it I realised that there wasn’t enough bread baked to get us through to 10am on Saturday morning (after M goes to work) and there also wasn’t enough dough made to bake enough to get us through to 10am on Saturday morning. It was already 7.15 at that point and the thought of making dough filled me with dread. There was just no way I could squeeze making a new batch of dough into the evening, but it had to be done. The ask grew in my brain while I ate my dinner. All the while I was aware that the dishwasher was clean and needed to be emptied.

Then I got up, washed my hands and 5 minutes later the dough was sitting there waiting to rise. Today it is rye bread with caraway seeds 🙂 I spent that 5 minutes thinking about the dishwasher.

When it was finished I put the porridge on & emptied the dishwasher. It was almost finished by the time the porridge had had it’s 2m20s in the microwave.

Yet another job that was bigger when I guessed how long it would take rather than just getting on and doing it.

The biggest guess work of the day is positively laughable. I think I blogged in November about the small holding that we bought. For a variety of reasons I didn’t follow up with getting the electricity supply transferred out of the vendors name (although it is their responsibility to close their account, not mine). Yesterday I contacted the electricity company (ESB)and was told I need the Meter Point Registration Number, which I got this morning. When I spoke with the rep on the phone she explained that the meter reading had been estimated 42 times. Yes. 42 times. The meter is read 6 times a year so it hasn’t been read in 7 years! She told me that system couldn’t change the account over because of the “significant discrepancy” between the estimated reading and the actual reading I had just given her. The significant discrepancy turned out to be in the region of 12,000 units! That is a closing bill of €1,500 being sent to the previous owner, via her solicitor as I don’t have a forwarding address for her.

Needless to say I have let my solicitor know about the situation in case someone decides to imply that we have been running million candle light lamps & clocking up a major electricity bill.

Now it’s time to fill the dishwasher & get ready for bed.

And Ruth, it is not weird that you think of me. Lorna thinks of me when she sees her dishwasher 🙂



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