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He wants a divorce February 16, 2010

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I am not the woman he married. This coming Saturday is our 8th wedding anniversary. When we got married I was 17 stone. I have always said that if he married me for my housekeeping skills he married the wrong woman.

Now I am 12 stone. I like keeping the kitchen clean. I like decluttering. I bake bread every day. I have cut the number of take aways/dine out dinners to one a week. I realised recently that we were having chinese on Monday and it wasn’t particularly very nice but it was “only” €20 so we continued. A little quick math turned €20 a week into €520 in 6 months. Yee gads! That’s a lot of money. So we have stopped having chinese.

Yesterday my friend P gave me an apron for my birthday. I am sad to say that I am delighted with it. Who would have thought that I would be happy to get an apron as a gift 🙂 I gifted the same woman rye & caraway bread and she is now in love with my baking and wants to come and live with us HAHAHA.

I haven’t bought bread in 3 weeks and it is saving me a fortune. I used to go to Supe.rValu every few days to get bread and while I was there I would pick up x, y & z. Not stuff that we actually needed or couldn’t go without (because I will still go to the supermarket for that) but random stuff. Now that I am not buying bread I have been to Supe.rValu twice in 3 weeks. Saying that I need to go today to get dishwasher powder. Not going to the supermarket is also cutting out the amount of junk food that I am exposed to and therefore able to buy.



1. Fat Chick - February 19, 2010

Isn’t it amazing how saving a little money here, and just making the tiniest (and funnest!) changes there, turns into a whole lot of savings? Both health wise and money wise. Good for you!

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