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The news from all sides March 4, 2010

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I went along to Weigh.t Wat.chers today (I had considered not going because to be honest I could very easily do with not paying them €10*) and wahoo I was down 3lbs. I now have 4.5lbs to go to my goal and have crossed the 75lbs threshold.

It is so very easy to make good choices when you have decided to make good choices. It was easy not to sabotage myself this week because I had acknowledged that I have been sabotaging myself for months. For the last 20 years I have told myself, each time I started a diet, that there was NO WAY I would ever get to 155lbs because if I did I would look unwell (read: use this excuse and you will never have to put the work in to get to 155lbs) so needless to say I never got next, nigh or near 155lbs. I don’t know that I ever got much beyond 200lbs. A few months ago I got to within 10lbs of my goal and I started to self sabotage. I would excuse myself this today, that the next day and I wasn’t coming in near my points EVERY day of the week. Needless to say I would get to the end of the week, go to my weigh in and I would be the same or within half a pound of the week before. I started each day with the best of intentions and ended it chastising myself.

I was doing all of this to prove myself right. I had said all along that I wouldn’t get to 155lbs and see, I wasn’t getting there.

Well bollocks to that! I will get to 155lbs and I will get there soon. I am 165.5lbs now which is well & truely into the 11 stone bracket. Now that I have decided that I will get there I have decided to move the goal post to 153lbs because then I will be 10 stone something. Can you imagine? me? 10 stone? NO WAY! Well, YES WAY actually.

*It is €10 to attend every week but if you miss a week it costs €15 for the two weeks, miss 2 weeks and it costs €19 for the 3.


After my second miscarriage 3 years ago (next weekend) we decided to put our house up for sale and move out of housing estate living. We had 3 viewings within the first 6 months and then nothing. We finally bought our small holding last November (paid for with a hard fought for mortgage on this house) and “planned” to actively sell our house later in the Spring. 2 months ago I started the Flylady routine and gradually got my kitchen under control knowing that I was working towards getting the whole house under control.

On Sunday M said “You know what we need now? We need someone to come and offer us €X for our house. That would leave us with €Y so we could build on the land and have a mortgage of €Z” At that point he laughed and the subject changed.

On Monday as I was heading out to take D to swimming when I got a call asking to come to view the house. My first reaction (thankfully kept internal) was HELL NO! and then I decided to go for it. If I said no then she wouldn’t buy my house. If I said yes and she came to see the house the worst that was going to happen was that she wouldn’t buy the house, but she might. I agreed to Wednesday at 5.30 thinking that the cleaner would have been on Tuesday & I could get the rest of the stuff done after M went to work on Wednesday.

We got up on Wednesday morning and hit the ground running! We cleaned and tidied. Gave stuff to the charity shop. Sorted out the recycling and moved the indoor recycling bin into the utility (J has started to “post” stuff into the recycling bin so having it in the kitchen wasn’t working for me any more). Emptied the bin. Ran the dishwasher twice. Put stuff in the attic. Rearranged the furniture (J’s unused cot got moved into the 2nd bedroom to make it look like a bedroom rather than an empty room). Folded and put away laundry. Cleared off the dining table (that is in the study)

I was able to do all of that because the kitchen was essentially clean and organised. All that the kitchen needed yesterday was to have the counters wiped down and the table cleared. Had the kitchen been CHAOS I would have spent the day cleaning it hoping that the rest of the house wasn’t too bad, although to be honest I probably would have put off the interested party and not had the viewing at all.

I set an alarm in my phone for 5.15 to brush my teeth, fix my hair and put on a clean shirt. While I did that I went around the sinks and dried all of them so they were sparkly. I showed her around and we had a chat at the end about the cost of the house and what she was in a position to borrow. She went away to think about it and I collapsed with exhaustion 🙂

Today I called her to follow up and to check if she had any further questions. She offered me €X – 5k saying she needed money to buy a bed etc. I told her that the lowest we could go was €X. She hemmed and hawwed a little and then said “Well, I could offer you €X and sleep on a mattress”. I told her that if she paid me €X I would leave her a bed. We clarified that the price included the dishwasher (my lovely Miele dishwasher is staying with the house 😦 ), the cooker, the fridge freezer, all the window finishings, light fittings and the standard fixtures and fittings. I told her I would talk to M and get back to her.

We spoke. We agreed that we are very lucky to have anyone wanting to look at the house, let alone buy it in this market and that we should accept. So we did. Now I am waiting on solicitors details from her to move things along.

It took 6 weeks for us, as first time buyers before the boom, to buy our first home (which we viewed the day after M’s 30th birthday). D & M’s birthday is 6w2d away. It is unlikely but we could, in theory, have no where to host D’s 5th birthday party.

Now it is time to find an architect and start the planning process.

My goodness. This is all moving along now.



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