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I will never be weight watcher of the year March 17, 2010

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I realised last week that I will never even be nominated for WW of the year because I, quite simply don’t fit the WW model, for a variety of reasons.

A core element of WW is that you set aside 2 points EVERY day for low fat/skimmed milk. Needless to say I haven’t once done that in the last 13 months. I don’t drink milk, or any milk alternative, so those 2 points remain in my general “pot” every day. Now I am living, breathing evidence that someone can follow a “get your eating healthy” on an exclusion diet but that is not what WW is about.

Next is the fact that I actually attribute a significant portion of my weight loss to the fact that I am dairy free. I always credit WW but it is 3rd on the list after being dairy free and breastfeeding.

I don’t stay for the meeting every week, actually I could probably count on two hands the number of meetings I have attended. Add to that the fact that last week I questioned her advice. Not a good combination đŸ™‚

So here I am. About to reach my goal, having lost 5.5 stone and I know I will be the only one that celebrates it.



1. Caz - March 19, 2010

i’m sure there will be many people celebrating for you L. Maybe not with you but definetly in your name. . . here’s to you. . . waiting patiently for your announcement. . .

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