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Day 2 March 20, 2010

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We had visitors today and J had to nap on my back. I walked half a mile, in my house, with all of his 24lbs on my back to get him to sleep. I always feel as light as a feather when I let him out of the sling ๐Ÿ™‚

I stuck to my eating plan today. It is a joy to have the plan and know what is ahead of me every day. My poor bladder doesn’t know what has hit it though. I have embibed 3.5L of water today with relative ease but Oy! the toilet trips.

I think I am in love with my slow cooker. Today I made lamb shanks in red wine & maple syrup and served it with green beans and herby mashed potatoes. It was so nice ๐Ÿ™‚ It makes me want to make something new every day. I am really enjoying cooking food without premixed sauces.

Since I started making bread I am more and more attached to the idea of knowing exactly what we are eating. Cooking with the slow cooker is another step on from that. It is also saving me money as I am not buying packs or jars of sauce & ultimately what we are eating tastes nicer.

Today I dug out the clothes that I wore the day I joined WW 13 months ago. I will take photos during the week to show the comparrison of what I am wearing now vs what I was wearing.



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