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My absence April 29, 2010

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I have been absent from this blog for most of this month for a variety of reasons.  I am in the middle of a house move and while I have moved house before I have never done it with 2 small children, one of whom naps in the middle of my life.  Our house is due to sell on Tuesday and after a long search we have somewhere clean and dry and suitable to live.  We will sleep there for the first time on Sunday night.  I am more than a little scared of the process of moving and also of being a tenant in the long term.

The other main reason for not posting is a comment I received (and didn’t approve for public viewing) which wasn’t all that nice.  I don’t have the emotional strength for critique at the moment and some people can be nasty.  I know by blogging I put myself out there and open myself to comment, be it bad or good, but I was raised in a “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all” house and I can’t understand why someone would be negative towards a stranger and worse still do it anonymously.  Just a little point of note here.  You can write whatever you want in the name and email line of the comments section but I am provided with a date & time stamp for all comments AND I am give then IP of the commenter so I am in a position to contact the service provider and register a complaint against the customer who was assigned that IP on that date and time.  So think carefully before thinking that you can be clever and not “go public” with a comment.  Also know that I moderate all comments and have no desire or inclination to publish any that are not nice.

OK.  Back to our regular broadcast.  We have met with an engineer who took what we said we wanted and the needs of the site in question and came back to us with a house that we both loved.  Unfortunately the local planner for the area that we are moving to didn’t love it.  I suspect we have a fight on our hands to be allowed to build something suitable to the site that won’t cast one half of the house into darkness for 365 days of the year.  So he has gone back to the drawing board and should have something else for us next week which he will also give to the planner (once we have given it the go ahead).

In my absence my husband celebrated the last birthday of his thirties.  I remember realising that my fiancée was going to be 30 “next year” and thinking that he was SO OLD (I was 25 at the time).  Here I am 35, with 2 small children and my husband is going to be 40 next year!  Holy costumes Batman, when did that happen?  My tall boy also celebrated his 5th birthday, on the same day as the aforementioned birthday, and much celebration ensued.  We went to the izoo with my 1st & 3rd sisters and my younger niece & had a great time.  M came home early from work and we had dairy free chocolate cake with dairy free chocolate “buttercream” icing which was yummy.  I haven’t had nice chocolate cake in a long time and will definitely be making that one again.

Having hit my goal at WW I maintained my weight (after a fashion) and last week collected my gold card and brought in my before photos for all to see 🙂  Yesterday I visited my (paying job) workplace and 2 of my colleagues did.not.recognise. me!  One of them figured out quickly who I was and shouted at me and then had to tell the other one who I was when she insisted that she had no idea who I was!  It was such a kick to have everyone tell me how well I look and ask me how I did it and how I am maintaining it.

In my absence I also celebrated 2 years dairy free.  Because it is the way we live now I have reached the point where I don’t automatically clarify our dairy needs as “D is allergic to all dairy” I simply say that the boys and I are dairy free and leave it at that.

The big news in our house, from the smallest person in our hosue, is that J has 2 new teeth and don’t I know all about it!

I will try to keep you all in the loop over the coming days but you might end up with an after the fact report of the events.


In Europe you can be just whelmed April 1, 2010

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but I am OVERwhelmed. The thought of selling this house, finding somewhere to live, moving there, choosing house plans, applying for planning permission, building the house and moving again – all in a 15ish month period – is sitting on top of me like a 20 stone member of the Munster front row.

I am having difficulty compartmentalising. When I think of doing something small, let’s say to do with packing, I think about EVERYTHING that needs to be done rather than just thinking about that one thing. So nothing gets done because I can’t filter out off the the “not now” stuff to let me do the “now” stuff.

Today the boys and I went to view a house. It is a 4 bed semi at the back of an unfinished housing estate. It has a kitchen, dining room, WC and sitting room downstairs and 4 bedrooms, family bathroom & ensuite upstairs. It is officially 1400sq ft which makes it 130sq ft smaller than the house we live in now but it is split evenly between 2 floors whereas ours is split 60:40 – down:up. Because of the different split we have a kitchen, ultility, dining room, sitting room, WC and study downstairs and 4 bedrooms, family bathroom & ensuite upstairs. So we would be losing 130sq ft but more importantly we would be losing 2 rooms downstairs, one of which is my craft room. Add to that the fact that the estate is built on marshy ground so rain would turn the garden into an unusable space. This is not a good thing when you live with a five year old. Add that all together and you get a big, fat, no.

We are going to view another house on Tuesday which is in the same estate as us (we can see it from the back bedroom window). I think it would be a little odd to live in a house that is exactly the same as my house but is not my house but I like the idea of having as much space as we have right now.

My sister came today and turned a 5′ x 2.5′ x 3′ box of paperwork into a pile of personal stuff for me to deal with and a 15″ x 15″ x 30″ box of unsorted stuff. I can see under my table now!

There is so much stuff in this house that needs to be dumped. But we will get there!