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In Europe you can be just whelmed April 1, 2010

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but I am OVERwhelmed. The thought of selling this house, finding somewhere to live, moving there, choosing house plans, applying for planning permission, building the house and moving again – all in a 15ish month period – is sitting on top of me like a 20 stone member of the Munster front row.

I am having difficulty compartmentalising. When I think of doing something small, let’s say to do with packing, I think about EVERYTHING that needs to be done rather than just thinking about that one thing. So nothing gets done because I can’t filter out off the the “not now” stuff to let me do the “now” stuff.

Today the boys and I went to view a house. It is a 4 bed semi at the back of an unfinished housing estate. It has a kitchen, dining room, WC and sitting room downstairs and 4 bedrooms, family bathroom & ensuite upstairs. It is officially 1400sq ft which makes it 130sq ft smaller than the house we live in now but it is split evenly between 2 floors whereas ours is split 60:40 – down:up. Because of the different split we have a kitchen, ultility, dining room, sitting room, WC and study downstairs and 4 bedrooms, family bathroom & ensuite upstairs. So we would be losing 130sq ft but more importantly we would be losing 2 rooms downstairs, one of which is my craft room. Add to that the fact that the estate is built on marshy ground so rain would turn the garden into an unusable space. This is not a good thing when you live with a five year old. Add that all together and you get a big, fat, no.

We are going to view another house on Tuesday which is in the same estate as us (we can see it from the back bedroom window). I think it would be a little odd to live in a house that is exactly the same as my house but is not my house but I like the idea of having as much space as we have right now.

My sister came today and turned a 5′ x 2.5′ x 3′ box of paperwork into a pile of personal stuff for me to deal with and a 15″ x 15″ x 30″ box of unsorted stuff. I can see under my table now!

There is so much stuff in this house that needs to be dumped. But we will get there!



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