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In bed in the borrowing house May 5, 2010

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We sold our home yesterday & it looks like my life vomited all over the borrowing house. I can honestly say that I had NO idea how much crap I own. At the beginning of the process I was being concentious about sorting through stuff & sticking to put/give/throw away. At the end I was simply chucking stuff into plastic bags & promising to sort them at the other end!

I would safely say that if I deal with one box/bag/basket a week I’ll be done by Christmas! Christmas is still 33 weeks away!!

So I started today as I need to go on. I emptied a laundry basket so that I could do the first of 4 loads of washing (which resulted in me emptying 2 plastic bags), built some IKEA drawers & put away 2 loads of laundry & the contents of 2 plastic bags. Then I tackled the plastics mountain. The boxes, pots, tubs, bowls etc that can & do store food IF they are not broken & have a lid that fits them were just in a heap on the kitchen counter taking up space. Now there is no broken pots in the cupboard & every pot in the cupboard has a lid. If the pot was broken, lidless or just plain crap it went into the recycling! I don’t need or want the stuff that I wasn’t using anyway.

All in all I dealt with four plastic bags, one laundry basket & one set of IKEA drawers. A productive day!

I haven’t made bread in 2 week & I miss the act of making bread so tomorrow I am making dough & I can’t wait.



1. Lorna - May 6, 2010

My house looks tidy enough but every available storage space (including the attic) is filled to capacity with God only knows what!! If I even take a fleeting look at the stuff M and B must must must “help” iykwim. Will make a proper effort when B is in playschool.

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