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So long, & thanks for all the fish May 18, 2010

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The last time I had DSL at home was Saturday May 1st. I waited for 2 weeks for one firm to tell me that the line of sight was not good enough and they couldn’t provide me with a service. I then waited 10 minutes to get a phone line and 5 days to get DSL. This morning the post man rang the bell at 11.15am and while I was unpacking the box (with the router in it) I got a text message from the phone company to tell me that my DSL had been connected. I was like a child I was so giddy 🙂

So now I am back online and like a child with a new toy. I have thought to blog so many times over the last two weeks but to be honest the prospect of blogging on my iPhone is not a happy one.

To catch you all up on what is going on.

– We sold out house on May 5th
– We have settled in to the borrowing house
– We have resubmitted a potential design to the executive planner & are waiting for her return
– We are trying to arrange for 60 45′-60′ trees removed from the land. Quotes are ranging from €2500 – €8000!
– We are ready to take delivery of a mobile home* so that we can have somewhere clean and dry to sit if it rains & ultimately somewhere to sleep when the water & electricity are hooked up
– I have ~70 garlic (most, if not all of these varieties: Albigensian Wight, Chesnok Red, Early Purple Wight, Iberian Wight, Lautrec Wight, Wight Cristo, Purple Moldovan Wight, Elephant), ~200 onions (10 shallots, 50/50 split of the rest between white & red onions), ~40 early potatoes which are being burned by the frost 😦 & mange tout. I have some climbing french beans out there too but they are struggling 😦 M moved 15 raspberry canes from the old house garden to the pit last week so we don’t expect them to fruit this year.
– In the tunnel I have ~30 2″ tall mixed lettuce, 5 broccoli, 8 mini bell pepper & 4 gherkins. This weekend I sowed swiss chard, purple sprouting broccoli, radish, sweet corn (thinking of Kate & Trish), rocket, mixed lettuce, carrots, spinach, beetroot, barlotti beans, runner beans, butternut squash & courgettes.
– Beside the tunnel we have strawberries (which are starting to fruit) & 7 blueberry bushes in flower.
– I have almost finished my chicken run and the chickens will move in next week.

Today we opened the door of our small rotting cottage to 2 sisters & a brother whos father grew up in the house. They were filled with joy to have access to the house after years of being unable to step inside their fathers childhood home. It was lovely to watch them recounting stories of people & events that happened in the house and on the land. They were so happy to see a young family starting something new on the land.



1. Ruth - May 21, 2010

So when do we get to see some pics?!

2. Laura - May 21, 2010

Of what?

3. Gillian - May 23, 2010

hi Laura, Gill here. I hope your architect told you that you will need planning permission for the mobile home too.

Laura - May 24, 2010

Gill, thanks for that. We are actually replacing one mobile (ESB connected, well water, septic tank) with another (same services) so I think we’re OK but I am checking it out with my engineer.

4. Gillian - May 24, 2010

great, let me know if you have any queries on it. love the
blog! Hhhhhhhytwwēt

5. Ruth - May 25, 2010

Of all the veg & the chickens and your hard work =)

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