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All Fall Down May 27, 2010

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When we bought our land we there were 65 or so laylandii standing approximately 60 foot tall each on three sides of the front half acre of the site. Being that tall they blocked light like yoiu wouldn’t believe and being on the southern end of the site they limited light on the half acre behind them. They also sucked every ounce of good out of the land and leeched everything dry so while there were 6 apple trees in the front half acre, all 6 of them were covered in moss because they quite simply never saw the sun.

On Tuesday a local tree surgeon knocked down the first tree and yesterday I watched as he knocked down the last one.

Oh my the land is beautiful. It looks so different. As you drive up you can see the cottage instead of trees and more trees. In the recent fine weather the sun is bathing the land that hasn’t seen the sun in decades. The trees were planted almost 40 years so as a hedge. So now we own approximately 3500ft of trunks for cutting up at a later date and a small mountain of chippings.

We are currently waterless on the land and are filling 20L containers from the outside tap of our neighbours across the road (with their permission). On Monday a nephew of the woman we bought the land from came and gave us two hours of his time (when he should have been moving cattle) to check out our well & pump. I have a well! Not only to a I have well but it has water in it. I saw the water and was giddy with delight 🙂 He primed it and when he went to turn on the pump (having broken into the house in order to put a fuse into a fuse box) the motor wasn’t working so he took the pump away with him so his brother (an electrician) can fix it for us. Even if we end up having to buy a new pump it will be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than connecting to the mains (€400 for a new pump, €4000 for the mains) and as rural water will be metered in the next 2 years or so I am delighted with the prospect of having a working pump attached to my very own well. And what did I pay him? I let him inside his fathers childhood home (the previous owner had locked the door and not let anyone, including the ESB man, in for decades) and in the house he found a photo of his father as a young man which is something he had never owned. So we are all coming away from this happy… him with his past, me with my future.

Once the pump is working or replaced I will have a hose pipe up to the growings and I.can’t.wait! The prospect of being able to put on a sprinkler and just water everything is the stuff of dreams!

Tonight I got a call from him to say that they had fixed the pump and will meet me at 6 on Monday to fit it!  I am so happy!

I now have 10 chickens in residence and one of them, probably because of the fright, laid a teeny egg.



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