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June 30, 2010

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

Our planning application went in yesterday and I am haemorrhaging money.  The landscape guy has to be paid.  The soil testing guy has to be paid.  The man who dug the holes for the soil testing guy to test has to be paid.  It never stops.  I haven’t had a week without an extra payout in months.

Taking an extra 6 months off work was well worth it but has left me in a financial hole that I am trying to claw my way out of.  I have a credit card bill that I am not proud of. I owe bits of money here, there and everywhere, including the €30 that I took from D’s purse. (blush).  I have been slowly but surely doing something about the monies owed and in an attempt to resolve the huge credit card balance and get away from the huge credit limit (currently huge) I have applied for a Tesco credit card with a TINY limit & will cease all transactions on the current card.  There is no point transferring the balance to the new card because I would have to have a high limit to do that and that defeats the point of having a small limit!

Being paid every 2 weeks is obviously helping with the plan for financial decomplication.  It is lovely to know that in 2 days time the money will land and the bills can be paid.  Even better to know that the rent was paid yesterday and there was more than enough money there to meet the request AND more money will come on Thursday.  Why did I ever think coming back to work was a bad idea?

Saying all of that, as I said in the beginning, there is always something new to pay for and the sums of money are going to start getting bigger and bigger.  Now that the application has been made we can start getting quote for the building process.  Does anyone know how we go about doing that?  I really need to have a sit down with the engineer about the process that is about to begin.



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