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Guilty Confessions July 20, 2010

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

My showers are never less than 10 minutes of hot water

I heat water in my house with am immersion heater, the most expensive way of heating water

I drive to Dublin way more than I should and therefore use way more diesel than I should

I waste more food than I admit to my husband who is horrified if he has to throw out one slice of bread (which he never does, he just leaves it on the counter)

I tumble dry all of my clothes because there is no way clothes would get dry on a clothes horse in my current house & I can’t trust the Irish weather to dry them outside

I rewash laundry if I forgot to dry it

I have been known to drive to the local shop (7 minute walk away)

I run my dishwasher twice a day, at least.

I rinse EVERYTHING before it goes into the dishwasher

I wash my clothes at 40 & my towels and nappies at 60.  The only reason I don’t put anything on at 90 these days is because that setting is broken on my current washing machine.

I am building a 2500sq ft house with a 1000sq ft garage which is way more space than we need but I don’t want to get 5 years down the road and wish I had made it bigger

I will be building the house out of concrete because I DO NOT WANT to live in a timber frame house.

I am ashamed of the length of this list

OK… that is enough for now.

WAIT… I can’t cancel the house insurance policy on my old house because I can’t find the policy number and am therefore eating into the refund I will get as a result of cancelling the policy.



1. Fiona - October 17, 2010

Oh I have a list like that, some of the list overlaps with yours, (I don’t have a dishwasher or tumble dryer, so I will be smug about that), but I drive too far, way to far.
I waste way too much food, and way too much money on daft things and I buy too much packaging and convenience stuff that I don’t need!

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