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Music to my ears July 29, 2010

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Last week D was in music camp every afternoon for 90 minutes.  On the first day I arrived back to be told that he had brought nothing for a snack so they went and bought him apple juice.  I thanked them and told them that I would bring a snack for him the next day.  I work on Tuesday so M brought him, and his snack the next day but I knew that when I brought him on Wednesday it was time for “The Food Talk”.  He has attended music class all year but it was an hour long and there was no food involved.  Even if he didn’t eat while there I still have to consider the fact that other children will be eating and therefore there is a risk of him being exposed to something.

Wednesday rolled around and I started the talk.  The music teacher became more stunned (and frightened) by the minute but took it all on board.  At one point I told her that D had an apple and Tuc biscuits with him but then pointed out that regardless of the fact that he was going to eat a Tuc biscuit today, she was never to give him Tuc because there is no milk in the snack pack Tuc (foil wrapped pack of 15 mini Tuc) but there is milk in the regular pack – go figure.  I explained that one of the reasons why D is home schooled is because I don’t trust people to feed him.  I don’t trust him (and others) around other peoples food.  Children eat milk in everything, it is everywhere and I am not happy with that high level of risk of exposure.

She then told me something that made my heart smile.  She told me that she wouldn’t have known that D is homeschooled as his social skills are completely appropriate and he is a very outgoing child.  YAY J  She also told me that if we are bored and in need of a change some day she would be happy to take him for an hour for music theory, free of charge.  WOW!  I thought she was lovely before, but I know she is now.

Then on Friday she asked if I knew any 5 – 10 year olds who would be interested in a theatrical music camp for 3 days this week.  My straight away thought was… D!  And then she said that because D had been to music camp last week he was welcome to go along to this weeks camp for free.  YAY again.

The child has hardly been at home all month.  He had tennis the first week (1.5 hours per day), Church camp the second (2 hours a day for all 7 days of the week), tennis (1.5hrs) and music (1.5hrs) the third week and this week he has tennis (1.5hrs) and music (2hrs for 3 days).  Tennis camp has been extended by a week and needless to say he will be going and then the following week we are going to Cork for a few days to coincide with his immunology appointment but come August 12th we will have nothing to do.  I had better start booking up play dates now J



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