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It’s all in the planning August 31, 2010

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A few times since moved house I have tried to restart weight watchers and each time I have failed miserably and ended up back in the cycle of bad habits that I had tried to leave.  2 weeks ago was no different.  Each time I would cut out the junk and start pointing all in the same day and needless to say I would be all over the place, inconsistent and I would be off the wagon as soon as I tried to get on it.  And then I would delay starting again until X had happened but in the interim I would be back eating jelly snakes, dark chocolate rice cakes and sugar popcorn, or even worse BAKING!  Man alive, who knew that there would be so many points in a coffee cake?  It’s all the fat and then all the flour that adds up to 40 points for a tiny cake.  One day I bought a 600g box of Cheerios and ate 2/3 of the box IN THE CAR that day!

So 2 weeks ago I decided to just cut out the sugar.  Not bothering to watch what I was eating, write it down or try to stick to a set number of points.  It took me 5 days to get over the sugar seeking.  I would find myself in the kitchen hunting for something that wasn’t there that I didn’t actually need to eat.  By last weekend I was feeling better and had lost 5.5lbs in the week.  Last week I just lived in that space knowing that starting yesterday I would get back to pointing.  I wasn’t sticking to points and was probably touching 30 points a day but that was way better than 45 or 50 a day.

Yesterday I started tracking and man, I had forgotten how hard it was to get back into the groove of remembering everything and also resentful of how many points are in so many of the things that I had become accustomed to eating.  With an allowance of 22 points I finished the day on 23.5 which is not bad.  Officially I have 27 points because I still get 5 bonus points for nursing J but I gave them up a long time ago.

I weighed myself this morning and I am 12 stone even.  It is quite some time since I saw 11 stone something but I know I will be there by the weekend J  It is time to get back to the odd WW meeting too but most importantly it is time to make time to exercise.  Even if I take the boys out for a walk, it has to be done.



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