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A quick update July 1, 2011

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I have been gone for a long time.  Since I posted last in October, in brief –

– Mushrooms grew out of the rental house wall
– J broke his arm
– The attic of the rental froze and with it all of the hot water
– We were frozen out of the house for Christmas
– We returned home from Dublin after Christmas to find the mains water frozen & the kids & I returned to Dublin
– The kids & I got swine flu
– I started building our new home
– MIL fell and broke her hip & spent a month in hospital
– MIL died 5 days after being transferred to the rehab unit here in town
– I finished building our new home
– We moved again
– My last & final IVF cycle, #8, failed when the frozen embryo did not survive the thaw

So, now you are all caught up.  Does anyone have any questions?



1. Alocin - July 12, 2011

Laura. I am sorry to hear about your cycle failing. I hope you and all the boys are doing ok and looking forward to new challenges. A

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