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I care not to share December 10, 2011

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I am cold. This whole building is cold. The experiement that was to be “no central heating, electric radiators only” has failed and I am glad I am not sharing it with you. The thought of you moaning about the cold annoys me, never mind you actually moaning about it!

Before I asked you to leave you told me several things that you father said, or rather allegedly said because I believe they were your words that you were assigning to your father. One of them was that it was cold here. That was in September. I dread to think what you would make of it now.

I feel like those old people you see on the news, the ones that go to bed at 7pm so that they don’t have to heat the sitting room. That was me at 8.30. The kids were in bed and I had a choice between trying to reheat the sitting room or just going to bed. Ultimately I was going to be doing the same thing, playing on my laptop and having a diet coke but doing it in bed was warmer and cheaper.

You have left me with debts coming out of my ears, before the humdinger of this week, but if I have to sell my jewellery I will have a stove installed before next Winter.

I am, more than likely, going to live here for at least 7 years, probably more like 9 and although I have only done a few weeks of Winter I am not doing another one like this.

You informed me yesterday that you will be staying here on Christmas Eve so that you can wake with the kids on Christmas morning. Let me tell you now (and I will tell you in person too) there are a variety of reasons why that is not going to happen, the main one being that I am not giving you the idea that staying here EVER is an option and coming a close second is the fact that I cannot afford to heat the place to a suitable level for you.

Of course the fact that you haven’t paid me child support for 6 weeks means I don’t have a lot of money to heat the place but I do have a lot of anger directed towards you. I would rather the former than the latter.



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