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Heroin in my eyeballs December 12, 2011

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

Tonight you made me laugh, but not in a “that was funny, thank you for making me feel happy” way.  More so a “you are a stupid man” kind of way.

My new car has had body work repairs in the past, repairs that were not done by a main dealer.  It is apparent that the work was done because they didn’t use branded paint, just a “close enough” paint.  When I collected my car today they told me that it is a good car, perfectly roadworthy etc. but you have decided that it is a chop shop car and that this along with a suicide attempt that I made 15 years ago are grounds for you to apply for sole custody.  Now lets us consider the facts.

You have made no child support payments for 6 weeks
You have made no reference to having the kids overnight in the last 10 weeks
You don’t ask about the kids when you don’t have them
You leave our children with your father who you have said recently is not in his right mind

In all of that you think that you will get sole custody?  In the courts in this country a mother has to be shooting heroin into her eyeballs for her children to be taken from her.  Buying a car that has some previous body work and a suicide attempt almost 16 years ago are not enough to lose me my kids, especially when you consider the fact that I have been in counselling since I asked you to move out.

I have a support structure
I have friends and family (immediate and extended)
I am a member of the Church of the faith that I practice.
I am solely responsible for their medical wellbeing
I went to the parent teacher meeting while you napped

And the bit that tickles me the most – I have bought all of the Christmas presents and I have organised the Santa letters and you told me on December 6th that you would start saving!  Who the fuck starts saving for Christmas on December 6th?



1. tattooedmamma - December 15, 2011

I love that he thinks he 1) actually has a shot at sole custody and 2) that he could actually handle sole custody. He can’t even take them for a night, what’s he going to do with them every day?

Laura - December 15, 2011

He told me that he only said that because he was worried about the car and that he won’t actually do it. Silly me. Let’s just pretend like it didn’t happen. Eh, no. He is a self focused idiotic bully who thinks he can still walk all over me and have me say “Can I have some more of that please?”

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