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You are a big, fat, bully December 15, 2011

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I met my new solicitor this morning and came up with a plan. I gave you time to start paying maintenance again or my solicitor would have a maintenance summons issued against you.

You told me you would start “when you have some money”. You explained that you only have €200 to live on each week for petrol and groceries and take away on the nights you get home late and you can’t start cooking “at that hour”. WTF? You are eating take away on a weekly basis? More than once a week? You drive 1km to work. You drive 1km to do the school run. That is a total of less than 20km a week which with the worst mileage your car could possibly be doing would cost you €3 in petrol a week. Where the fuck is the rest of the money going and when are you going to understand that


You seem to think that at the end of the conversation earlier I had come around to your way of thinking. That I was going to sit and wait for you to tell me each week/month/whatever that there was yet another excuse for you not putting your kids first. I am not. I am not looking for money for me. I am looking for it for them. To feed them. To clothe them. To pay their medical bills. And if I have to go to court to have a judge tell you that you have to provide for your kids then that is what I have to do.

You made a promise to our child to sleep in their bed on Christmas Eve when you were not in a position to fullfill that promise. Did you think that if you made the promise I would have to follow through on it? That I would have to acquiesce and tell you that it is OK for you to sleep here? Let me for a moment ponder upon the reasons why that is not going to happen –

Christmas Eve night is not a sit around and relax night. It is work. It has always been my work and will continue to be this year. I am not working while you sit around watching TV (which is what happened every other year)
I cannot afford to heat the sitting room to a level that you would be comfortable in
How fucking confusing do you think it would be for the kids to have you suddenly come and stay for the night? The next time one of them says “Can Dadda stay here?” I have to get into the specifics of why it was OK for you to stay one night and not another? Eh, no.
and most importantly

Your request to sleep here on Christmas Eve was worded as “give me that one thing” as though you never ask for anything and are a giving selfless person. All I have to say to that is BOLLOCKS! You are a self focused git!

I’m feeling the anger tonight because I got to be the one to explain to our child that you are not staying over on Christmas Eve.

You are welcome to be here at 8 when the kids go downstairs. I will not hold them up there if you are late. Please be late.



1. tattooedmamma - December 15, 2011

It’s amazing how the rage comes out when you start writing again isn’t it?

You’re right, he is a self-focused git and he’s not going to change. He thinks, and he has always thought, that he’s doing everything for you and the kids. A little thing like reality is not going to change his way of thinking.

Good for you for sticking to your guns about Christmas. The only reason why he wants to stay is so that he can piggy back onto all the Christmas planning you’ve done for the boys. You know that he’s not going to do anything so if he’s there Christmas morning he can take credit for all your hard work.

Laura - December 15, 2011

He has always piggybacked on the work I have done for Christmas. We are walking downstairs at 8am on Christmas morning. If he thinks he can show up late and expect us to wait he is very much mistaken.

He is completely out of touch with reality. “Basic” welfare here is €188 for an adult and that is to cover heat, light, transport, food, clothes etc. He keeps telling me that he “can’t even buy himself a new pair of shoes”.

Fuck off and stop annoying me.

2. Kasini - December 16, 2011

Ah, the spill out of righteous rage.

I have lots and lots of nods and hugs and YOU GO GIRL!s

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