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Cotton Fresh February 10, 2016

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

My father loved aftershave and wore it by the bucket-load.  When I was a kid he called it splashy-splashy.  He would POUR it into his hands and do a combo throw/slap at his face.  Then, without washing his hands, he would dry them off on the hand towel beside the bathroom sink.

It took me YEARS to figure out the origin of the disgusting smell on my hands and since that realisation occurred I have take a fresh towel each time I go to their house.  I visited at absolute most twice a week and didn’t always use that bathroom so it wasn’t a big thing.

I have been there most days over the last 17 days.  Yesterday I took out a fresh towel and hung it up on a spare nail.  Today I went to take another fresh towel before realising that 1. yesterday’s towel was still hung where I left it and 2. I didn’t need to take a fresh towel any more.

I hope it takes me as long to remember not to take one.



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