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King Prawn Cashew Nuts & Egg Fried Rice February 15, 2016

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My take away from the last 3 weeks is…

Take photos with people.

Take selfies, pose for photos, organise a photo shoot.

I don’t care.

Just take the photos!

You may look back at the hairstyle and cringe.

You may only be able to see the 15 extra pounds you wish you had lost before the photo was taken.

You might prefer to have worn nicer clothes.

I don’t care.

Just take the photos!

If you never speak to the person with you in the photo the file will just get archived and you will never look at it again.

If you see the person regularly you will, in all likelihood, archive the file and you won’t look at it again.

Until you want to look at it.  And it will be there.  And you can look at it.  And you won’t care about your hair or your weight or your clothes because the photo will be there.

The act of taking photos is like taking a one way journey in time.  You cannot go back and take photos but you can go forward and look at them.

So I don’t care about your weight, or your hair, or you clothes or the bad lighting.  And nor will you.

Just take the photos!




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