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We Are All Widows Now February 17, 2016

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We have had 4 deaths in a large family in more than 30 years.

My uncle died 23 years ago.

My grandmother died 16 years ago.

My cousin died 12 years ago.

My father died 24 days ago.  (Just as an aside… is that all?  Has it only been 24 days?  It feels like forever.)

There have been deaths outside the family.  Friends, loved ones, acquaintances.  A friend of my fathers.  My Godmother.  The child of a friend.

Within days of my father dying, my mother and aunt were sitting at the dining room table with a friend from back in the day.  Her husband died within weeks of my uncle 23 years ago.

During the conversation, with no one else sat at the table, my mothers friend said, quite honestly and very much to the point, “We are all widows now”

As I write this sadness is overwhelming me.  I feel this powerful need to protect my mother.  To mind her and keep her safe.  As fearful as I was of her dying before this, I am overcome with fear now.

I do not want to look at my siblings any time soon and have someone say “We are all orphans now”



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