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The irony is not lost on me July 4, 2017

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I’m sitting alone in a school hall at obscene o’clock on a Sunday morning. I have a chair and a desk, an earbud and a portable charger for my phone. What else would I need? 

There is probably 100 people in this room and I have no desire or inclination to speak to any of them. That’s not strictly true. There is one child here that I hope to speak you very little and other than that I am happy to ignore the other humans in the room. 

I am at a “meeting of like-minded individuals” with my 12 year old. A place where people with a common interest come together and meet their tribe. I have attended many of these meetings throughout my own life, hoping to find my own tribe. What I didn’t realise in all that time is that I hadn’t figured myself out so there was no way I could find my people. 

I found my people years ago, they have been with me for 13 years now. They were there for the birth of my children and the loss of my pregnancies, for the pain in my marriage and it’s eventual end, for the journey of self discovery that came after that. I do not see my people from one end of the year to the other but they are in my phone every day.