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I am Laura.  I have been married to M since 2002.  We started trying to make babies in Jan 2003 & in September 2003 were referred for ICSI.  We started our first ICSI in January 2004 but unfortunately were unsuccessful.  A fresh cycle in July 2004 produced our first son, D.

Fresh cycles in July 2006 & January 2007 resulted in pregnancies, both of which ended in miscarriage.

A frozen cycle in June 2007 & a fresh cycle in October 2007 were unsuccessful.

At the end of our finances & our emotions we embarked on our 7th cycle, a fresh blast cycle, in January 2008 which this blog followed.  The cycle was successful & produced our second son, J, in November 2008.

In May 2010 we sold our home and started the process of building a house on a 5 acre small holding that we bought in 2009.

In April 2011 we moved onto our small holding and that is where you can find us now.

In June 2011 IVF #8 failed when the embryo did not survive the thaw.  That was our last IVF cycle.



1. chicky - November 24, 2008

Just… thinking of you.

2. Rebecca - November 27, 2008

I read your blog every day (but am too shy to comment as you’d probably think ‘who is she?!?!) but don’t have your password. I know it’s a cheek but please could I have the password so I can continue to follow.xx

3. skippy1 - December 1, 2008

Hi Laura

Many congratulations to you and your family on your new arrival. Just seeing now that you have your own website. Its great by the way.

Dying to hear how everything went.

Alex is getting big now. Has his first cold at the moment so that is all very heart wrenching.

Well done you. Luv that name. Its weird actually as was on our top five.

4. skippy1 - December 1, 2008

Ps/ sorry should have said this is Elizabeth. (doh!)

5. Orla - December 14, 2008

Congratulations Laura on your new baby boy. I too read your blog every day and post occasionally on Magicmum under my alias Riesling.

Take care,


6. Bookworm - January 7, 2009

Laura, I’ve often seen mention of your blog, but only just found it. Hope you and your 3 men (M and the littlies) are well. Ciara

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